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Hey all! Thanks so much for your support thus far! It’s been so lovely and we’re ever so thankful. Two updates for you all!

1) We have a fourth team member!! We’ll be posting his (yes, HIS) info super soon and introducing you all to him. He’s a great guy who is very well traveled and has a fantastic mustache. The mustache is very important.

2) We’ll be launching a new (& fun!) fundraising plan hopefully by the end of the week! Basically we’ll be putting up various crazy things we’re willing to do and you can donate to specific “missions” to see that they’re done. Want to make us have a sleeping bag race in the Gobi Desert? Want to make us dress as vampires and sing you songs around Bran Castle? That can happen. Oh god the embarrassment. 50% of what you donate will go to our designated charities and 50% will go toward sour team fund! The GoFundMe page will still be open for those who just want to donate without having us make a fool of ourselves, but also those who have already donated to GoFundMe can have their funds designated to a mission of their choice. No need for you to get left out of making us makeย fools of ourselves!

This will all be happening this week ideally, so keep an eye out!

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