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The Mongol Rally is a mammoth task and traversing 1/3 of the globe is not a cheap task. While we’ll be as frugal as possible (camping ahoy!), we need some support and we’ve partnered with a few companies to make that possible. So, we’d like to introduce you to the first of these fine groups, say hello to Alluvian!

Alluvian locally manufactures small-batch handmade aquatic botanical soap.

The blend of aquatic botanicals found in each bar haven been carefully selected and sourced from sheltered waters of the North Atlantic to intertidal zones of Iceland.  Each species possesses a unique and beautiful phenotype with bioactive compounds, minerals, and nutrients.

We’re all really interested in the environment and sustainable resources, so the fact that Alluvian uses all natural ingredients for their swanky soaps is great, and we’re also going to be the BEST smelling team during The Mongol Rally! Seriously, there’s a Moroccan Lemongrass soap, get on my body this instant!

Everything at Alluvian is naturally sourced and part of their sponsorship is being donated to Cool Earth, one of our charities.

You can learn even more about Alluvian on our Sponsors page!

You can check out Alluvian (and please do!) at the following places online!

Website: www.alluvian.co

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/Alluvian

Facebook: http://bit.ly/AlluvianFB

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