A Coconut Match In Heaven: Go Coco & Nudie Snacks Are Major Sponsors!

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When we were searching for vegan brands to partner with (as both Sora and Kristina are vegan), we didn’t know we’d be going nuts! Coconuts that is! Go Coco coconut water and their sister brand Nudie Snacks have joined together to sponsor The Nerdventurists with a large donation to Cool Earth, money for our trip, and more coconut water and toasted coconut chips than we could ever want! Actually, there is no limit to the coconut we want because coconut is DELICIOUS!

small_2And so is Go Coco and Nudie. Seriously, the coconut water is crisp and has a delightful taste. Sora will have a full review coming soon where we’ll gush about it, but just know that their product is genuinely delicious, no false advertising here! We’re driving 10,000 miles in the summer. We’ll probably not use air conditioning to conserve gas. We’re going to need refreshment, and what’s more refreshing than coconut water?

It was really important for us to think of snacks that everyone could have, and Nudie Snacks’ coconut chips are just divine. They’re lightly toasted and absolutely scrumptious. Plus we can all share them and spread the coconut love throughout Europe and Asia… well, that’s if they make it past the start line in London. They’re really good…

We’re going to be doing a lot of fun stuff with these two brands, so definitely look forward to those shenanigans.

You can learn more about Go Coco and Nudie Snacks on our Sponsors page.

Also, be sure to check these coconutty folks out online at the following links!Nudie Snacks

Websites: www.gococodrinks.com and www.nudiesnacks.co.uk

Twitter: @GoCocoDrinks and @NudieSnacksUK

Instagram: https://instagram.com/gococouk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gococoUK and www.facebook.com/nudiesnacks

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