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By in car, prep on April 24, 2015
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Finding a car across the Atlantic Ocean is… tricky, never mind BUYING a car. It was the big thing to buy… because you can’t well drive to Siberia if you don’t have a car. Maybe we could taken big wheels? Anywho, it was in the back of all our minds. Buying a used car in the UK is relatively easy in comparison to the states, and cars are a LOT cheaper, even with the exchange rate factored in. So that part was OK, it was just finding one and figuring out where to keep it until we needed to get it ready. Yes, one of our members lives in London, but she lives in… London. Where on earth can you store a car in London for cheap?! That answer is no where. So from the get go we knew getting the car was going to be interesting after our initial plan of having one sponsored fell through.

It turns out that one of our early supporters was a bit of a car fiend and contacted us letting us know that if we had any questions about cars in the UK, to drop her a line. This was always in the back of my mind, but naturally, when I went to look for the email, I couldn’t find it anywhere. WHY CRUEL WORLD?! And then, I kid you not, thirty minutes later, I get a message from a friend who has a friend who may be able to help us with cars… and guess who it was.

Chelsea is our Guardian Car Angel and not only did she initially offer to give us a car for free (but WOE it was above the allowed 1.2 litre engine limit imposed by The Adventurists), but when that wouldn’t work, she found us a car for a bargain and a half. And the beauty you see above is that very car.


Our trusted steed shall be a 1196cc 1994ย Vauxhall Corsa Merit, and isn’t she beautiful? Sure, she’s got some bumps and dents, but she runs great and has had a bit of work done on her. She’s also going to be fitted with a sexy sump guard and roof rack because not only is Chelsea amazing, but her father builds rally cars! I’m just going to assume one of The Nerdventurists was a saint in a past life to get us this good of luck! Plus, look at that sexy cassette tape slot!

She’s currently being kept at Chelsea’s place where there’s a big yard for her to drive around in and a nice comfy shed/barn/thing. Sora will be able to pop up a few times before the rally to visit and begin getting her ready, and once all The Nerdventurists team is in the UK, the mass decorating will begin!


Our car is going to be covered in quotes from all of you! If you donate $10 or more via our GoFundMe or FUNraiser, you can choose a book quote to be written on the car :)! Also she’ll be decked out in wicked logos from our AMAZING sponsors so everyone knows who is helping make this possible! Also HUGE thanks to Chelsea. We simply could not have done this without her!!

More updates will be coming and a lot more often too! The rally is less than THREE MONTHS AWAY OMG HELP!

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