And The Route Changes… Again! Now With More Ferries.

By in Kristina, route on May 21, 2015
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It is an ever changing world and as such, our route to Ulan Ude through 10,000 miles of Europe and Asia is too, ever changing.

The Russia Visa Problem is a thing. Americans are allowed Multiple Entry visas, in theory, but sometimes “Russia says no.” That’s a real quote for a visa agent by the way. As it turns out, Russia does indeed sometimes say no. Kristina received only a Double Entry visa which made our planned route of popping into Russia three times a little tricky. Maartje, being Dutch, also can’t get a Multiple Entry visa unless she goes the business visa route. So we needed another plan. A few options were presented, but after looking at the cost and logistics of them all, we decided to take the infamous Baku ferry in Azerbaijan.


You can learn more about our new route on our Route page. But in general, there’s been a few changes. We’re seeing more pre-Turkey and we’re going to go to the Cappadocia region in Turkey now! Also, Maartje has a friend in Armenia she’d love to see, so we’re dipping in there before heading to Azerbaijan. The Armenia-Turkey AND the Armenia-Azerbaijan borders are closed, so we’ll be using Georgia as our border crossing for both. Thank you Georgia! The ferry from Baku to Aktau, Kazakhstan leaves every 3-5 days… in theory.

You see, it’s a cargo ferry, so it leaves when it’s full. You can book passage on the ferry, but you’ve basically got to bum around Baku and call the ferry office every morning to ask if the boat is leaving or not. Talk about an adventure!

As with everything, this is an expensive endeavor, and any support you could throw our way (the more we raise, the more we can give to charity!), is hugely appreciated.

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