Mongol Rally Diaries – London Calling

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Three out of the four of us are in London. The time is coming ever closer and we’re all realizing what a batshit bunch we are.

We’re driving to Mongolia (& a bit) in a dinky car. MONGOLIA. FROM LONDON. Oh gee. It’s going to be an adventure and a half and frankly, it’s already begun.

For starters, Kristina, who has really only had probably a grand total of fiveish hour of manual driving lessons, had to drive our darling Corsa from the outskirts of West London through North London (including Camden Town) to Finsbury Park. This was an hour and a half ordeal of trial by fire in terms of city driving. She only stalled a handful of times and only went on the wrong side of the road once… so overall, not a bad showing, and no one was ever in danger. We think. Also, cyclists are terrifying.

Also, the American gals met Scott! He’s real! They’re real! No one hates each other after a few hours! These are all good things. Maartje joins us all in a few days and then the whole team shall be together. But before then, there are things to do! Mainly get the car set up in various ways.

Pictures and shenanigans to follow, I’m sure!


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    London to Mongolia, Definitely holds the promise of thrilling adventures and great experiences. I am sure you will have treasure troves filled with memories when you are done.

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    Mongolia from LONDON?? LOL that must have been amazing!

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