Mongol Rally Diaries – Wild parties, Long drives and a lesson in gas prices

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And we are back again, this time updating you from Vienna, Austria (at least that’s were I started, I’m now in Budapest, how’s that for travelling?) . I left you all off in Germany last time, where at the grand ole hour of 4am we rolled into Mannheim and met Scott’s friend Julian. I would have normally taken more time to check out the place but we were all so bone tired that after a bit of chatting we all fell into our respective sleeping spots and crashed for the night.


15 hours of nonstop travel is a lot to take in for it being our first official day, mind you it wouldn’t have been so bad if the highway hadn’t been shut down. But to be fair, others out there on the rally had it pretty rough from what we read via the Facebook group. Some of them flat out broke down before they even got out of England, others decided to be less wild and ambitious and just stopped in Calais. But not us!

After we woke up and chatted a bit with the other people who were staying in the flat, we packed our things up and headed down to Eddy. A few little pit stops for camping gear and some food, we were back on the road once again, this time heading for the big Czech Out Party!


I’ve read many things about this party, that apparently its the largest and wildest party of the whole rally and so you can imagine I was very excited about. Weeeeeell as excited as I could be being how tired I was.

Despite the fact I’ve yet to take a driving shift like Scott and Maartje, just sitting in the car is exhausting.

Dear reader I’ll tell you this now, “tired” is a recurring theme in our story, so I do apologize for the repetition.

Being so immobile is a bit mad and when we make little stops I’m so happy to get out and stretch, up until my body starts protesting all the sudden movement and I wind up sitting down on my already sore butt.

Anyways, back to Czech Party, it was already on by the time we rolled in at 6pm. There weren’t many people actually doing anything, most were just milling about having a drink or setting up their camp for the night. This was by far the worst of the camping spots on this trip so far, cobblestones and my back are not friends. Maartje wisely decided to sleep in the car while our dear friend Mario (aka Scott) decided to leave his body to the insects and sleep in the thorny bushes next to the car. Kristina and I on the other hand set up our tents and tried to make it as comfortable as possible.

The party was fun, not nearly as fun as the one at the launch, but pretty close. We laughed, we drank and danced the night away. At one point we rushed the stage amid a roar of cheers and blast of camera flashes. If we aren’t famous by the end of this rally, I’ll be so disapointed.

Around 4 am the last of us stumbled back to camp and got to bed…only it wasn’t nearly as comfortable as I thought it would be. With people still moving about, the talking, the shouting and drunken partying into the wee AM we got little to no sleep which made the next leg of our journey rather interesting.



We packed our stuff up, used around what little internet we had and then got back on the road to go explore prague a bit. The plan originally had been that we’d get up early, get out there and just explore the city, which for someone like me who had never seen it before, it would be a treat. However, what we didn’t account for was the fact we would be running on very little sleep and that it would be quite warm and humid.

But still, we got out there and walked around. Scott mentioned wanting to see a castle, so mustering the last bits of our energy we climbed what seemed like a million stairs. The lack of sleep proved too much though, so after we got to the top and got some amazing skyline views of the city, we made our way back to Eddy. At this point all of us unanimously agreed that we needed to change over to shorts. It was so very warm.


Took us a bit but we made it to our next stop, Vienna. Despite being quite tired (a few of us napped) our gracious hostess Anna, took us around the city at night. Beers in hand we walked into the city and got to have a nice tour. This was when I personally discovered that this is one amazing city for graphic design. My inner nerd was showing bright and I happily pranced around looking at the awesome samples out there, including a piece that was a prime example of kinetic typography.

We got ourselves some food, ate and conceded that we needed to get back to Anna’s place and have us a nice long sleep.

Of course we got back and the lot of us were all glued to a glowing screen basking in the fact we once more had some internet. But it wasn’t long before we began to drop off like flies and fall asleep.

So here we are at the present. I’m sitting in a cafe in Budapest with Maartje while Kris and Scott go have a nice swim. The plan is to go walk around the city a bit before we get back into Eddy and head for our next destination. The weather is very hot, 39c (102f) and the sun is blazing and the odd cool breeze now and then is a blessing.


Internet permitting I’ll update you all again tonight!

Always yours,


A proud military brat who’s lived all over the place, who decided to uproot herself and move to London to earn her BA in Graphic Design at LCC. She’s only traveled a bit around Europe and her home country, but she’s very keen to travel more and earn more stamps on her passport. She’s a podcaster and graphic designer for The Baker Street Babes which feeds into her love for Sherlock Holmes.
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    What a lovely way to explore the city, with your host and beers in hand. The long drives sound tiring but at the same time must have been quite a picturesque one.

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