Throwback Thursday: Mongol Rally Edition

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Hey everyone, Sora here again. It’s thursday, so that means it’s the prime time for a little throw back. Now back during the rally I used to tell you all about the things we saw from crazy poo filled lakes in Romania to the slaughtered goat on the Mongol Steppe.

Well thanks to Travelstache , we have photos to show you, some of them are moments from the stories I’ve told on here, while others are snippets of moments I forgot about or didn’t share. Thank you again to Scott for taking such amazing photos, if you guys aren’t already following him (and seriously I don’t know why would wouldn’t) then please go check out his page. The photo’s he continues to post from his journeys are truly magnificent.

Now then. Time for a little throw back~

It all started with a little car named Eddy. A 1994 Vauxhall Corsa from Wales, this little guy had no idea what adventure he was embarking on. Or that he would end up with some uh..interesting drawings painted inside.

Then there were the roads. I talked so much about how vast they were and at times almost endless, especially in Mongolia when we were just hoping to see asphalt. Perhaps it’s because the desperation and tiredness is gone that I can now just appreciate their beauty.

We met so many people on the road. In Armenia we met some an old friend of Maartje’s , and she welcomed her into her house with a feast. We spent a day at the beach and had some frankly amazing watermelon. Many times we just made friends with random people we saw on the road. Goes against the whole “stranger danger” thing we had been brought up with, but wouldn’t you know, they ended up being some of the nicest folk out there.

And oh the ferry. That special little bit of hell. It was at this point that our updates started to dwindle. We were stuck for a long while (though not nearly as long as some people) in this car park waiting for a ferry that we were promised over and over, would come in 2 hours.  When we got on there we were met with less than ideal amenities (a toilet that didn’t flush, I’ll leave you to your imagination on that one) but the views. God the views. I saw the most beautiful shooting star that night, looking up at the night sky where the only sources of light were one lamp and the moon.

Once I ran down a steep hill, I ended up with both feet stuck in the mud and totally face planting. Still, I managed to strike a pose.
Our first attempt at making a fire. It lasted for about as long as it took to take the picture, then it promptly died.
Remember my story about the goat? Well here you go! And this is the less graphic photo taken haha
Remember my story about the goat? Well here you go! And this is the less graphic photo taken haha
No matter what adventures lay before us, we took it on with smiles and good grace. It got rough but in the end we made it. Even if we were down a few tires, two flags and had a dodgy passenger door.

This was a bit of a memory lane trip here. There are still so many photos to share, and all of them will be included in our travel book. For those of you who already pre-ordered it, expect it around the new year!

Once more, a huge thank you to Travelstache for the gorgeous photo’s! Give him a Like on his page, follow him, you won’t regret it!

Always yours,





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