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This edition of Between the Sheets will be a little different. The majority of the time when I travel it’s by using hostels and the occasional budget hotel. This is typically because I am generally destitute and the fact I see my accommodations as a place I simply sleep; I don’t intend to hang around and so why would I waste money on amenities? Well, sometimes you need a staycation and a random hostel won’t cut it. So if you’re looking for comfort and luxury in Seoul… you should head to The Sheraton Grande Walkerhill.

The first thing that struck me as I headed towards the hotel on the free provided shuttle, as the view. We twisted up a mountain, the misty view of Seoul sprawling outside my window. A nice view is always wonderful, and I sort of like the idea of still being in the city, but you’re just a little removed from it. My time at Walkerhill provided many of these gorgeous views, all as lovely as the next. This included the mountain(ish) view from my room, which I actually liked as I actually felt like I was somewhere secluded away from the hustle and bustle.

I had the lucky fortune to nab one of the Sheraton Club rooms, which had a number of perks to it:

1. Private check-in and check-out service at the Club Desk.
2. Complimentary breakfast at the Club Lounge
3. Complimentary pressing for one suit, shoeshine service, newspaper delivery
4. Happy Hour (17:30~19:30)- Complimentary Drinks and Hors d’oeuvres
5. Complimentary Access to the Health Club
6. Butler Service (06:30~22:30)
7. Free Internet service offered for Club rooms only

I’ve stayed in Sheratons before, and they’re always nice. There’s that confidence in the brand that shows and I was not disappointed as not only was the service above and beyond, but everything was nice, fresh, and clean. Like any poor kid who gets to treat themselves once in awhile, I plopped on the bed with a giggle. And not just because I could see into the bathtub from my bed.


One thing I’m still getting used to being back in Asia is all the crazy gadgets, and it took me forever to figure out how to turn off the lights. There’s a console, at least in my room, that has a variety of buttons that control everything from individual lights to the AC to the alarm and more. Everything is in multiple languages, so there’s no concern about accidentally calling the police by pressing the wrong button.

There’s also an off-track horse race betting lounge here you should definitely check out.

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There’s room service, of course, but try and check out the many restaurants available on the premises. The grounds at Walkerhill are sort of enormous and not only are there multiple restaurants and cafes inside of the hotel itself, but are additional places to gorge yourself around the mountain. Pizza Hill is rather famous, nestled up above the hotel overlooking the city, and there’s a traditional Korean restaurant a stone’s throw from the entrance should you wish to dine on some galbi.


If you have a few thousand to spare you can also rent out one of the many villas that are on Walkerhill’s property. A tour of Aston House left me salivating with the desire to win the lottery (more than I already have on a daily basis mind you). The grounds are beautiful with a lovely vista of the city, and the interior is luxurious. If anything, it’s a truly lovely wedding venue if any rich businessman wishes to propose to me.

I attended a concert down in Olympic Park the night I stayed here, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to get to come back to a plush bed. I think I fell asleep with a smile. The breakfast provided was extensive with everything from cereal to scrambled eggs to salad to pastries. You won’t be leaving hungry, that’s for sure, and as it’s included it’s definitely a great deal.

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We all need a bit of pampering every once in awhile, so if you find yourself desiring that while in Seoul, this is the place you need to go.

Location: 177, 워커힐로 광진구 서울특별시 | 77 Walkerhill-ro, Gwangjin-gu Seoul, 04963 South Korea


Phone: +82 (2)455-5000

Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Kristina is an ardent traveler and has been to over 48 countries and has no plans to stop. She taught English in a small fishing city in Japan for a year, volunteered on an archaeological dig on an Iron Age site in Israel, drove 10,000 miles in a 1994 Corsa from London to Ulaanbataar for charity, and accidentally fell in love with K-pop in Seoul. It’s been a wild ride.
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    We lucked out pretty hard on this one! Man, I wish I had that breakfast waiting for me tomorrow morning…and that bed. I’m sad I didn’t take advantage of the bathtub!

    1. Reply

      SAME! Biggest regret was not going to Lush, grabbing a bath bomb, and soaking in that tub :'(!

  2. Reply

    Wow looks like you had a great time!!

    Sydney |

    1. Reply

      It was REALLY relaxing, which is exactly what I needed. Thanks for reading!

  3. Reply

    So fun! I loved this post and it was really helpful for travel tips too 🙂 So glad you had a good time!

    xo Anna Elizabeth

    1. Reply

      Thank you so much!!

  4. Gorgeous! Looks like so much fun 🙂

  5. Reply

    Great post, lots of useful information. How awesome is a staycation once in awhile to rejuvenate from all the hostel dorms! Looks like you had a great time.

  6. Reply

    I laughed out loud on the crazy Asian gadgets. Reminded me of the time I went in a Japanese restaurant with a Japanese-style toilets. I stayed inside more than I should just to try it all. Lol.

    TMI? Sorry. Lol.

    • soumna
    • July 21, 2016

    Looks like a great hotel. Will keep this in mind while going to Seoul

  7. Reply

    The design of the hotel is very pretty and I love that you have the bathtub right in your bedroom. For a staycation, that’s the perfect place to relax while having a glass of bubbly. The area surrounding the hotel is also very beautiful, I love the views from the top.

  8. Reply

    Nice spot. A touch of luxury is always nice when you’ve spent a while ‘slumming it’ in the hostels. White bed linen, complimentary toiletries, soft towels, chilled bottles of water…..mmmmm.

    • eulandas
    • July 21, 2016

    Lovely hotel! That mirror is just gorgeous! Super helpful advice about how to turn on the lights! Thanks for sharing such great tips!

    • thesanetravel
    • July 21, 2016

    It looks like a great place to stay. Thanks for detailed information!

  9. In a place like this, I’d never leave the room! Looks like a great place to stay and did you say butler service.. Bruce please!!

  10. wow amazing perks! sounds like you had an amazing time. and yes, we all need some pampering every now and then.

  11. Reply

    That is one heck of a hotel. It looks beautiful. But I totally understand where you are coming from; I stayed at a hotel in Brussels once that looked like a former Porn set. A room is a room, right?

  12. Reply

    Ohhh this looks amazing!!! I spalshed out on a fancy hotel on my last night in The Philippines- this place was practically 5 star with a swimming pool on the roof for less than $100- great value for money! I was also giggling away and just lying om the bed taking it all in. I probably had about 5 plates of breakfast the next day- need to get your money’s worth!! 😂😂😂

  13. Reply

    I love the Sheraton hotel chains. I would love to stay at this one in Seoul. The best part is diving onto the big ol bed and taking in the views (if you have a good one!).

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