Weird and Wacky Museums of South Korea

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I’ve never seen so many museums in a single country than I have in South Korea. It’s staggering actually. There’s everything from museums on folklore to Leonardo da Vinci, Hello Kitty, and even African art.

Some of these museums get a little… different. How about one dedicated to toilet culture around the world? Or even erotica? Yup. It exists.


I wrote about some of these fantastic museums and where to find them, so you should definitely check it out!

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    • Soraya @ Hello Raya
    • November 25, 2016

    Omg this compilation is hilarious. I would LOVE to explore all the weird and wacky museums in Seoul. The Kimchi Museum sounds so interesting – I had no idea that there is more than 60 different varieties. And oh my goodness – Loveland…. ahhh! Would be so interesting and intriguing to visit.

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