Mogo: A Vegetarian Meal Kit Service in Seoul!

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I haven’t griped too much about the difficulties of being a veggie in South Korea, because I feel like it’d be kind of obnoxious of me to do so. Korea’s diet is heavily meat based. It’s in their cultural makeup here as well as a huge part of their social world. Of course it’s going to be difficult.

So while I may complain about surprise SPAM and cheese every now and again, I try not to let it get me down. However, whenever a new vegan or vegetarian heavy restaurant opens I get super excited. So least to say, when I saw there was a new vegetarian meal kit service in Seoul… I may have flipped out.

Introducing Mogo!

Mogo: A Vegetarian Meal Service in Seoul - The Nerdventurists -

Ranging from W7,500 – 9,500, these meal kits can feed 2-3 people and are chock full of protein, nutrients, and deliciousness! Right now there’s only four kits to choose from, but they all look super tasty! You can grab spaghetti with quinoa, bulgogi lentils, Korean pancakes, and Texas style chili. Everything is vegetarian and I believe these four are also all vegan!

The team behind Mogo is incredibly helpful in answering all questions and are really looking for feedback, so make sure you go and try out one today: the shipping is free is you get three or more!

I got to try out the Cincinatti Spaghetti and the Bulgogi Lentils are waiting for me patiently. Everything about the packaging is adorable and convenient.


Each box comes with a description and explanation of the dish, list of ingredients you have, and full instructions. Everything is separated out for you, and the steps are crystal clear. I was also sent a few packs of their custom 4-alarm spice mix… and let me tell you… that stuff is spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicy. It’s really good great flavor, but my poor tongue. So… use that with caution, haha.

You can watch my vlog on making the spaghetti below!

You really get a LOT of food for the price here, and I cannot recommend them enough. All the ingredients were fresh and exceptionally tasty. I had no problem finishing the dish (my burner was another story, get HOT you darn thing!), and my friend Nicky and I had giant portions and there’s still leftovers!

Huge thanks to Mogo for sending me these to try out, I can’t eat to eat the Bulgogi lentils *__*! You can find Mogo online at:


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All opinions are my own and super honest <3

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    • Soraya @ Hello Raya
    • November 9, 2016

    Wow how interesting. I love Korean food, and now that I think about it, it is filled with more meat options. I think it’s great that there is a company that has provided options for vegetarians – I am sure with time, there will be more and more vegetarians coming up in Korea, which will only increase the demand for more vegetarian options.

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    I like this healthy vegetarian option. I haven’t had Korean food yet though.
    If ever I see these packs in Indian markets here I will definitely try them out.

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    I have found that Korea has great vegetarian options when going out to eat.

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    This is such a great service! I’ve heard of others like Champ that do Paleo but never a vegan/vegetarian option. Also have you had a chance to check out Plant yet? Its an amazing little vegan cafe in Itaewon

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  6. I’m looking to be more vegetarian because lets be real, leafy greens are great for you! I can eat meat, but most of my food at school isn’t heavily meat based. There’s always small portions of meat. Anyway, sorry about your surprise spam and cheese because that’s annoying. Mogo looks like a great service and I’d love to give it a try sometime!

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      Definitely reach out to them! They’re a new company, but they’re really wonderful 🙂

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