Fish Is Fast: How To Get International Deliveries For Cheap Abroad

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Every now and again there comes a time in every expat’s life when you want or need something from your home country. And there’s always that moment shortly thereafter when you cry a little bit inside about the fact it’s going to cost an arm and a leg in order to have a friend or family member send it over. Perhaps you could wait until someone is coming to visit and they could put it in their luggage, or maybe you could wait until you went home for a visit.. Maybe what you want is available online and you check to see the international shipping rates… and then promptly faint. It costs more than what you’re ordering?! They DON’T ship to your current country?

Well, darn. Guess you’re out of luck.

Or maybe not…

Friends, Romans, countrymen… may I introduce FishIsFast; it’s going to make you very very happy.

Basically FishIsFast is a company that sends things to you abroad for a reasonable price, especially when international shipping on some sites is daylight robbery and some others simply… don’t ship to your country at all.

How it works is that you sign up and get a locker with FishIsFast, aka this is your new “fake” address. You put in this US based address to any and all sites that you’re ordering from and things are shipped there.

Once they arrive, the team at FishIsFast photograph the box, tell you the weight, and alert you that hey! You have a new package! From here you can wait until everything arrives (items can stay in your locker for 180 days, that’s 6 months btw), or request item processing.

Fish Is Fast: How To Get International Deliveries For Cheap In Korea - The Nerdventurists -

Item processing means the team can unbox your package and take individual photos to let you know exactly what has arrived and what condition it’s in (individual photos are an extra charge). Otherwise you can ask for everything to be consolidated into a single package. Basically FishIsFast unpacks everything, removes receipts and anything else you’d like (you can have things bubble wrapped, for instance) and gets it all ready for shipment. You need to fill in the customs form of course, but the team has already weighed everything for you, so it’s easy peasy to fill out.

Fish Is Fast: How To Get International Deliveries For Cheap In Korea - The Nerdventurists -

From there you can choose what kind of delivery service you want, be it FedEx or DHL or regular US postal service. The prices, I found, were SO reasonable and I let out the biggest sigh of relief. No more having to worry about insane shipping costs or trying to line up things I needed or wanted with someone coming to visit. Least to say, FishIsFast was a little delivery angel. They also offer up to $100 free insurance for all your packages and additional insurance can be purchased for those special items.

Fish Is Fast: How To Get International Deliveries For Cheap In Korea - The Nerdventurists -

My first order with FishIsFast was so insanely easy and delightful that I knew immediately I was going to be a long-term customer. I was able to get vitamins and socks (look, I have GIANT feet and Korea does not have cute socks that fit my monstrosities) and all sorts of things from America. Everything arrived within three days, even with a brief customs delay (they just wanted proof it was really my package); nothing was damaged or broken and overall, it’s a hardcore 20/10 service. Seriously, I already have more stuff shipping to them now. See?

Fish Is Fast: How To Get International Deliveries For Cheap In Korea - The Nerdventurists -

FishIsFast is also a homegrown business. It started in a living room in Michigan and then upgraded to a garage and now it’s a warehouse in Delaware with staff all over the world. It’s a true start up that has a purpose and goal and is providing a really helpful service. The team is great there, the customer service just wonderful, and the entire process is one I cannot recommend enough.

So if you’re looking for a mail forwarding service that is fabulous, fair, and all-together easy to use, FishIsFast is perfect. I honestly cannot recommend them enough for anyone who lives in Korea or anywhere else abroad.

Fish Is Fast: How To Get International Deliveries For Cheap In Korea - The Nerdventurists -

Btw the FishIsFast links are affiliate links and if you sign up with them through one of my links, I may get a little something in return. Would be super cool if you did that Xx.

This was a sponsored post, but opinions and praises are all my own. I’m already using them again. They’re wonderful, honestly!

Kristina is an ardent traveler and has been to over 48 countries and has no plans to stop. She taught English in a small fishing city in Japan for a year, volunteered on an archaeological dig on an Iron Age site in Israel, drove 10,000 miles in a 1994 Corsa from London to Ulaanbataar for charity, and accidentally fell in love with K-pop in Seoul. It’s been a wild ride.
  1. Reply

    Wow, this idea is brilliant! This is something that has come up in my life multiple times and I never had a good solution. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Reply

    How cool!

    • Jamie
    • July 16, 2017

    This is AWESOME for me!! I live abroad (Italy) and have been searching for ways to send my family wine, olive oil and such but it’s always so expensive!! I’m gonna keep this in mind… thank you!! xx

    • Anisa
    • July 16, 2017

    Oh wow, this sounds like such a great option for saving money. I think I know some people who could use this. I am going to share it will them!

    • Becky
    • July 16, 2017

    Wow interesting, never thought about doing this but will check it out 🙂

  3. Reply

    That’s pretty awesome!!! Next time we are in Thailand for an extended amount of time I’ll have to try their service!

  4. Reply

    FishIsFast sounds like a great service! It’s great that this service can save you money. If I ever have to ship something overseas, I will remember this service.

  5. Reply

    I never heard of this but it’s a fantastic idea! It will help so many people save money. And the name is just awesome!

  6. This is excellent! Sometimes I too look to buy something from USA and usually I order it to any of my friends addresses and wait for them to bring it to me when they travel. This looks like an excellent alternative! Will check it out!

  7. Reply

    Ooh what a cool idea!

  8. Interesting! I’ve definitely had issues in the past sending packages to my mother when in another country. We’ve generally had the best luck with DHL.

  9. Reply

    Oh cool! A lot of online retailers don’t ship to Malaysia (boo!)… So sad when you found the thing in exactly the right model or size… and ‘this seller does not ship to your address’. I’ll save this for later.

  10. Reply

    Wow this looks excellent for people living abroad and want to have something for courier. As it is cheap I will use it for sending gifts to my friends and relatives on festivals. Definitely I will try FishIsFast.

  11. Reply

    I do shop from US online stores. I like some items that are only available in the US. I would love to purchase them always online but I am worried about the international shipping rates. I would check out Fish is Fast and learn more. I like the company’s name too but I did not think that it is about shipping before I read your post.

    • Sandy N Vyjay
    • July 19, 2017

    Many a time when you are overseas, you do pine for some things at home which you wish you had there too. But yes getting them shipped across international borders is expensive and involves lots of hassles. This seems to be a promising service and an answer to many a homesick traveler.

    • neha
    • July 19, 2017

    The prices seem quiet competitive. I will like to try it out some day. I have actually put off a few courier that I wanted to send abroad because of the cost and hassle involved. I hope they will soon provide service in my home country as well

  12. Reply

    Thanks for writing about this. Daylight robbery. Haha. I can relate. I’ll try out FishIsFast and I hope I get the same satisfaction you got

  13. Reply

    What a fantastic idea – I wish I knew about Fish is Fast when I was in Vietnam… Thanks 🙂

  14. Reply

    This is absolutely brilliant idea. I loved their hassle free service. Thank you for sharing it. I am going to use their services soon.

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