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Instagram is filled with travelers, travel bloggers, vloggers, models, etc… you name it. Everyone is on the travel wagon these days, and honestly, can’t really blame them. We’re there too x’D. Because insta is inundated with SO many travelers sharing their pics, it’s hard to find unique users. Well, here’s a list of some of our favorites on instagram, maybe they’ll be yours too!



Couple goals. Travel goals. Life goals. Jack and Allison Marie are honestly the most romantic pair on insta and I actively swoon and sigh at all of their beautiful photos. Their editing is just so mystical and the poetic captions turn me into a hopeless romantic every single time. They’re just SO GOSH DARN CUTE. www.obrienandolive.com



There is such a wonderful brightness to Linda’s photos, and they too have that dreamlike quality that I just adore. Linda writes amazing content for all her travels as well on her blog of the same name, and I really recommend checking it out!



I’ve been following Elsa’s stuff for awhile now and her posts always delight me to no end; she’s a bit of a nerd a well, and that always makes me happy. This photographer living in Tokyo captures both every day moments and wonderful festivals around the city and country that is now her home. bunnytokyo.com



Gina is a dear friend and an amazing travelblogger and vlogger; her photography isn’t too bad either ;)! I’m too shy to always be in front of the camera, but all of Gina’s photos of her around Asia and beyond are always so full of color and life. And her vibrant personality comes through too!



Raphael is a travel vlogger and photographer that is A+ at catching gorgeous sunsets, stunning landscapes, and the real grit of everyday life around the world. I really admire his work, especially his Vietnam series. Be sure to check out his YouTube for some great travel videos.



Karin’s stories along with her photos are some of the most amazing that I’ve read. Her life is such a beautiful adventure and it angers me a little that she’s not more popular (go follow her right now!!). She explores more off beaten track places and hitchhikes a lot. Plus her rural and rustic photos are divine. girlastray.com



Without a doubt the funniest chicks on instagram. Their captions and stories make me laugh out loud and their photos always put a smile on my face.  Fender and Maloney are a must for anyone wanting a bit of spirit on their instagram feed. www.travelerbroads.com



I adore Susanna, a fellow geek and traveler, and one I’ve gotten to know through working on Female Travel Bloggers together. Susanna loves nature, I don’t, so I get to look at pretty nature shots on her insta without having to have experienced it myself. www.wanderingchocobo.com



Crescenda’s pics of everyday life in Japan are as real as it gets, with a heavy sprinkling of JRock concerts. Living in Tokyo as an expat has its own host of challenges and rewards, but Crescenda goes a bit deeper than that and really elaborates on the historical significance of many of the places she photographs. As a fellow history nerd, that’s my favorite part. She also writes about music at my-harmonicdistortion.com.


… don’t forget about us! The Nerdventurists

Just a cheeky ending for you, hehehe. Don’t forget to follow us on instagram for all sorts of photos from around the world! We try and add a nerdy little fact every time as well, because everyone needs a bit of geek in them.


Have any other insta suggestions for us? Leave ’em in the comments below!

hails from the East Coast of the United States, but she found her calling in Seoul when she realized all she needed was a metro card to go places. Her addiction to meat, music, and all things morbidly adorable brings all sides of her from wildly shook to crazy fangirl. The only thing that matches the sheer expansity of her stomach is her long, black hair that she’s not sure when she’ll cut.
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    I’d be sure to follow all of these travel lovers; I do read Gina Bear’s blog posts. Waking up to a post from these like minded fellows will be a reassurance to me that my wanting to explore the world is sane. Thanks for bringing these people to knowing.

    • Aditi
    • September 6, 2017

    This list has some of my favourite travel instagrammers too. I love Raphael.fyi and Linda goes East. Their depictions are so real. Cheers!!

  2. Wow, those photos are just fantastic!! I especially like the Alaska one, but that’s because I like nature 😀 I’m not on Insta myself, but when I see shots like this I’m that one step closer to signing up!!

    • Soraya
    • September 6, 2017

    I totally follow many of these travel instagrammers – love their photos. Totally beautiful and in-trend. IG is such a great tool to learn more about travel, and what an amazing way to see the beautiful work through the lens of these instagrammers.

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