Yangjae Flower Market Experience With Trazy

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Winter has finally fallen on Korea, bringing all of the ice and snow and grossness with it. So when I was asked to visit Seoul’s largest flower market to try the Yangjae Flower Market Experience with Trazy, I jumped at the chance. You may notice we’re doing a lot with Trazy recently. That’s because they really are such a great company to do authentic and exciting Korean experiences with. Check out our other Trazy adventures below!


When I was a child, I tended roses, tulips and tomatoes at home, and dreamed of having a large flower garden one day. Living in a large city in Korea can be a bit dreary sometimes if you’re used to living in the countryside and seeing flowers growing wild everywhere.

The flower market itself is located in what looks like a large industrial complex. There aren’t any signs, so you just to make sure you get the right building. When my friend Luka and I arrived, we went to the basement and met the teachers for the day. They were both very kind and very informative. As it was just the two of us on this day, they asked if we’d like to do the flower arranging class first, or the tour. As the flower market is so large, we opted to make our flower boxes and then spend time exploring.

Yangjae Flower Market Tour With Trazy - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com

In the classroom, there were tables set up with beautiful vases of flowers and a board with the names of all the flowers we would use. The teachers were very thorough with their explanations. It’s very important to make sure that the floral foam is cut properly to fit inside the box, as well as to make sure that you get it all inside the plastic so your box doesn’t fall apart.  The floral foam was really fun to play with, and I had to resist the very strong urge to just crunch it in my hands and pretend to be making an ASMR video. (I did crush a tiny piece and it was VERY satisfying.)

Yangjae Flower Market Tour With Trazy - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com

In regards to the arrangements, it’s really interesting to see how they show the artists personality. My friend Luka chose a black box and ended up with a more wild looking arrangement whereas I chose pink and mine ended up very carefully detailed. I actually ended up removing some of the flowers and rearranging them multiple times.

Yangjae Flower Market Tour With Trazy - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com

After we finished the large boxes, we used the leftover flowers to make a small cup arrangement. This style of arrangement was actually copywrited by the teacher’s friend who owns a cafe where you can order a coffee and get your own mini flower arrangement! How cute is that?

Yangjae Flower Market Tour With Trazy - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com


The Yangjae Flower Market

Afterwards, we made out way to the flower market. It was crowded and loud, but beautiful. There are two markets in the complex. One if a potted plant market and the other is the fresh cut flowers market, which is the one we chose. The smell of all the fresh flowers was so refreshing. I felt energized and relaxed all at the same time.

Yangjae Flower Market Tour With Trazy - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com

I ended up buying a lovely bunch of roses for ₩7,000, which is around $7 USD. The first floor of the market is for the fresh cut flowers. The second floor is mostly dried flowers, imported flowers, and vases to use for arrangements. There were a lot of dried bottled flowers, which have been really popular recently, as well as the items to make your own. I really want to go back and get some supplies and try my hand at it. Luka and I explored a ton, enjoying the flowers and smells. We were sad when the market started to close for the day. We had to go back out into the hustle and bustle of the rainy city.

Yangjae Flower Market Tour With Trazy - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com

This trip is a lot of fun and very beautiful. It’s great if you are planning to make an arrangement for a friend as a gift, or if you want to go on a date. It was another lovely experience and I’m so grateful to Trazy for sponsoring this trip for us. If you are feeling the winter blues, book this trip and check out the beautiful Yangjae Flower Market Experience for yourself!

This experience was sponsored by Trazy, but all opinions are our own.

Ren is a university student studying in South Korea. She enjoys blogging about life in Korea as a student, as well as K-beauty. Her favorite things include finding the most aesthetic cafes, the best PC rooms to play in, and wandering the streets in search of hidden surprises.
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    A flower market!! That sounds so magical! (And dangerous to my wallet, because let’s be honest, I would be buying wayyyy too many flowers every week 😂)

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