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We Have A Car!


Finding a car across the Atlantic Ocean is… tricky, never mind BUYING a car. It was the big thing to buy… because you can’t well drive to Siberia if you don’t have a car. Maybe we could taken big wheels? Anywho, it was in the back of all our minds. Buying a used car in […]

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Blog Rambles

A Coconut Match In Heaven: Go Coco & Nudie Snacks Are Major Sponsors!

When we were searching for vegan brands to partner with (as both Sora and Kristina are vegan), we didn’t know we’d be going nuts! Coconuts that is! Go Coco coconut water and their sister brand Nudie Snacks have joined together to sponsor The Nerdventurists with a large donation to Cool Earth, money for our trip, […]

Blog Rambles

WaterNlife Sponsors Clean Water For Us With LifeStraw Go

When travelling abroad, the one thing everyone will always say is, don’t drink the tap water! A lot of the time it’s not because the water is unsafe, but that there are simply different bits and bobs in it that your body won’t be use to, and you’ll get sick. However, buying bottled water can […]

Rambles Update


Hey all! Thanks so much for your support thus far! It’s been so lovely and we’re ever so thankful. Two updates for you all! 1) We have a fourth team member!! We’ll be posting his (yes, HIS) info super soon and introducing you all to him. He’s a great guy who is very well traveled […]

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