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Screen Printing in Seoul with Mini Print

Screen Printing in Seoul With Mini Print - The Nerdventurists -

When looking for new and interesting activities to do in Seoul, one usually thinks of cafe hopping or checking out a new exhibition. You wouldn’t immediately think of a screen printing class. Yet, when I saw an advertisement in an expat women’s group for just that, my creativity senses were tingling. And thus I signed […]

Blog Curly In Korea

Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Fishing Festival with Trazy

2018-01-06 14.32.362

It is cold in Korea right now. Very cold. I’m a winter person, I love the cold, but it’s frigid out there, let me tell you. However, if it’s going to be a tad nippy, might as well go do something that suits the weather! That’s why when, a great English-friendly tour booking website […]


Our Favorite Travel Instagrammers!


Instagram is filled with travelers, travel bloggers, vloggers, models, etc… you name it. Everyone is on the travel wagon these days, and honestly, can’t really blame them. We’re there too x’D. Because insta is inundated with SO many travelers sharing their pics, it’s hard to find unique users. Well, here’s a list of some of […]

Blog Curly In Korea

Getting An Illegal Tattoo in Korea


The first thing to know about getting a tattoo in Korea is that it’s most likely illegal. How’s that for an opening line? See, tattooing is only legal in Korea if the tattoo artist is a licensed doctor, as they’re the only ones allowed to legally handle needles of any kind. Now, there are PLENTY […]

Blog Curly In Korea

Getting Adjusted at Create Wellness Center


When I moved to Korea, I didn’t think I’d be doing so many things to help benefit myself. Truly. But I’ve gotten my teeth all fixed here, I’ve taken care of my skin in amazing ways, and I’ve now gone to the chiropractor! Just outside Itaewon station is the Create Wellness Center, a charming lovely […]

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