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Traveling With a Chronic Illness

Traveling with a chronic illness. The Nerdventurists.

Traveling with a chronic illness is difficult and sometimes embarrassing; but don’t let it stop you from having an adventure of a lifetime.

There are many out there who have chronic conditions that affects the quality of their lives, and if you dear reader are one of them or know someone who’s like this please know that despite all of it you can still go out and have a fantastic adventure. The world is out there calling, go explore it, work with your limitations and make the very most of it.

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Mongol Rally Diaries – Dead man in no-mans land and the Caspian Sea

Photo by Scott Joseph, Travelstache

Hey there everyone! Good News is, we’re not dead! We just haven’t had internet much so this blog is a bit behind, something I hope to remedy. So lets catch you all up with what’s been happening lately. After we left Armenia we headed back into Georgia, took a bit longer to get out of […]

Blog On The Road

Mongol Rally Diaries – Water slides and turkeys in Turkey


Goodness it has been a while since we’ve posted, or at least it feels that way. Days are starting to just blur into “sleep, wake up, drive, sleep” And it’s been ruthlessly hot. Other teams in the Mongol Rally have made it far, some even already reaching Kazakhstan. After a lovely day spent in Istanbul, […]

Blog On The Road

Mongol Rally Diaries – Family camping, Yani, and the surprise weddings.


I hope you all enjoyed the pictures, as always there are more to see on our Facebook page: Nerdventurists. Also to see some more, look at Travelstache and Wanderlicious, those are the pages of my fellow teammates Scott and Maartje. I hope the pictures did justice for what we saw, to be frank it was […]

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