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A Nerd’s Guide To Surviving A Hurricane


During hurricane season, one must be constantly vigilant and prepared. Be it just a tropical storm or a Category 4 monster, these storms are nothing to joke about. However, when your power is out and it’s been three days, you might start to get a bit of cabin fever. This is especially true if there’s […]

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You say Karatsu, I say Hasetsu: A Yuri on Ice Tour

You say Karatsu, I say Hasetsu: A Yuri!!! on Ice Tour - The Nerdventurists -

For any fan of the ice skating anime Yuri on Ice the natural destination in Japan is the coastal city of Karatsu, on which Katsuki Yuuri’s fictional hometown of Hasetsu is based. Since I’m lucky enough to live in southern South Korea, I’ve been able to visit Karatsu a few times, and each time has […]

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