We've launched a FUNraiser! Make us do crazy things.

By in fundraising on February 7, 2015
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FUNraiser was something we came across a few weeks ago. It’s a fundraising platform created by former Mongol Ralliers where we create “missions” to fulfill based on donations. It’s a fun and unique way to raise money and one that will allow us to do more for both those who donate and some chosen causes.

By donating to specific missions, you can get a variety of things from handmade postcards on the road to a video of us singing you a song dressed as vampires while at Bran Castle in Romania to helping us donate books to a Kazakhstan orphanage.

50% of what you donate will go to our charities and the other 50% will go towards our team expenses (10,000 miles worth of gas is… a lot).

You can see the range of missions we’ve got at our FUNraiser page:ย nerdventurists.funraiser.us. You can even make us listen to a single song for up to EIGHT HOURS. That one was for the more cruel of you.

If you’ve already donated to our GoFundMe, we’ll be in touch and you’ll be able to put your donation towards one of these missions if you like. Alternatively, you can still just donate through GoFundMeย if you prefer.

As always, all and any support is incredibly appreciated!

Have fun out there!

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