WaterNlife Sponsors Clean Water For Us With LifeStraw Go

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When travelling abroad, the one thing everyone will always say is, don’t drink the tap water! A lot of the time it’s not because the water is unsafe, but that there are simply different bits and bobs in it that your body won’t be use to, and you’ll get sick. However, buying bottled water can become a chore and when you’re out in the desert, you may not have that option. Thankfully that’ll no longer be a concern for us.

LifeStraw Go bottle from WaterNlifeThe amazing (and life saving) company WaterNlife has donated four LifeStraw® Go water bottles for our use on the road. What are these Go bottles? They’re water bottles with a built in filter that instantly purifies any water you put into it, be it tap water, stream water, pond water, anything.

This is a HUGE deal as it’s going to dramatically cut down on costs of buying bottled water abroad (plus saving the environment by not using plastic bottles). It’s also going to allow us more access to water, especially in less populated areas where our only option may be a pump or a well.

If you’re thinking about getting a LifeStraw bottle, we really encourage it because for every LifeStraw® sold, a child in Africa receives clean water for a year. In 2014 more than 157,000 children in Kenya received clean water from funds generated by selling LifeStraw® products.

LifeStraw® is the award-winning, easy to use water filtration technology, which enables you safely to drink water from contaminated water sources. The technology was invented by the Swiss-based company Vester-gaard and was originally developed for humanitarian and natural disasters. The LifeStraw® technology has been used during major natural disasters in places like Haiti, Thailand, Indonesia and in the Philippines where LifeStraw® has saved many lives.

You can learn even more about WaterNlife on our Sponsors page!

Please do check out this fantastic company and grab some LifeStraws of your own!

Website: http://waternlife.com/

Webshop: http://waternlife.com/buy-lifestraw.html

WaterNlife on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WaterNlife

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