Sora Has Gone (Coco)Nuts!

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Nudie Snacks and Go CocoAs it happens, I’m a big fan of coconuts and anything that has them in it. So naturally when I found out that our group would be sponsored by Go Coco and Nudie Snacks and that we’d be showered with coconutty goodness, I practically leapt for joy.

Coconut water, there are so many out there and if you’re trying out a new brand of coconut water it can be hit or miss on the taste. Either they go crazy with the sugar or it’s some weird sad drink that doesn’t taste anything remotely like coconut. I’ve got my favourites and after taking a sip of Go Coco, I can say that I found my favourite. Seriously, the two stars on the front for great taste? They were given by the Guild of Fine Foods. That isn’t for show, it’s fact. Even a bit warm, it’s still absolutely delicious and it was hard to not just gulp it all down.

Sora with Nudie Snacks and Go CocoI love healthy snacks, who doesn’t? Ah yes, but healthy can mean tasteless or dull right? Not with Nudie Snacks! They’ve proven that healthy can taste very good in the form of their toasted coconut chips. From the moment you open that bag up, the aroma of coconuts hits you in the face. They’re light, crisp with just a hint of sweetness that make them just as addictive to eat as a little bag of crisps, though with far more nutrients and none of the guilt.

I’ve got a special needs diet, so I often have to find little ways to add a bit of extra nutrition to my meals. Typically, I pack little snacks to eat through my day, they’re always healthy with nutrition being key in my mind. So when I added Go Coco and Nudie Snacks into my routine, they fit in seamlessly. While I would never say that plain water isn’t great, it can be a little boring, so having some coconut water to drink instead definitely improved things. Plus the coconut chips really were a bright spot during my snack times!

Thanks to Go Coco and Nudie Snacks for all the coconutty goodness! Now excuse me why I hide these from my teammates.

– Sora

You can learn more about Go Coco and Nudie Snacks on our Sponsors page.

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