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litographsSo a long time ago I backed this Kickstarter campaign to make t-shirts out of text. Like, a whole BOOK on a shirt! How awesome is that? Happily, Litographs met it’s goal and is now flourishing! Also awesome, they’ve come on board as one of our sponsors! They’ve offered to make a custom shirt for us, which is AMAZING! But we need 5,000 – 10,000 words. Which can be a lot. And no one wants to wear 10,000 words of me rambling about who knows what, so we thought, why don’t we make this a communal effort? We want our shirt to represent why people travel and why travel is so important.

So, we’re asking you to tell us why you travel. Where do you want to travel to? What IS travel to you? You can write just a sentence or a paragraph or two (or hell, an essay!), anything is amazing. We want our friends, family, and supporters to be part of this trip, and thought this was a great idea to bring a part of you along with us (literally on our backs!). To submit your thoughts, just click on the banner below or go toΒ http://bit.ly/WhatIsTravel.

whatistravelA huge thanks to Litographs for sponsoring these shirts for us, now let’s make them amazing! Also, don’t forget to grab some amazing shirts, posters, and temporary tattoos of literary greats atΒ www.litographs.com. Here’s a selection as well. We still need to think of a design, so if you’ve got ideas, let us know!


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    These are cue T shirts. The designs so different and new. An old post nevertheless the Tshirt designs still appeal to me.

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