1 Month To Go & Look, We're In The Paper, Ma!

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There’s exactly one month until The Mongol Rally starts.

Cue hysterical screaming.

It never occurs, until it’s down to the wire, that there’s still so much to do. We need a sump guard and a roof rack or roof box. DO WE GET A RACK OR A BOX?! Does everyone have their visas? No. Oh, okay, shit. There’s still time, but not a whole lot of time, and it’s that whole “not a whole lot” that is creeping in and starting to make me sweat. It’s coming. It’s really happening. Four of us are piling in a car the size of a thimble and driving across Europe and Asia. What on earth were we thinking?

It’s going to be great, I know, but the ever looming start date has my heart fluttering for both good and bad reasons. Better pack some aspirin.

Don’t forget, you can make our trip even more harrowing by donating money to have us listen to a song of your choosing on repeat for up to 8 hours on our FUNraiser.

In slightly less frantic news, we made the paper! I, Kristina, spent most of my life in Frederick, MD, and so reaching out to the local paper of one of DC’s satellite cities was a logical choice. Kelsi was incredibly lovely and interested in my rambling, bless her heart. You can read the full interview, which includes some words from Sora as well, by clicking the screenshot below or following this link.
Screenshot 2015-06-19 14.20.15

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