Misty Mountains and a wandering woman

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Photo By Scott Joseph

It’s  very rare that I find myself unable to put something into words, however, after what I saw yesterday, I realise that I can’t properly translate yesterday’s adventure into words, so I thought it best to leave you all with some photos.

Today we’re going to get back on the road with our convoy and head for the beach where hopefully I can take a little swim.

Photo By Scott Joseph

Now before I depart and let you look at all the pretty pictures, let me speak of my other teamate. Maartje. The unique thing about taking a trip like this with experienced travelers is the lessons you’re taught, whether they or yourselves realise it. Maartje has been on the move traveling for 3 years, she’s got an article in Vice, she says it’s not that interesting and I find myself agreeing. It fails to really capture the vibrant energy that surrounds her. When ever we go into a new town or are just driving down a curvy road, she waves and says hello to almost everyone who crosses our path. She’s quick to make friends and is so genuinely kind. Where I usually am a bit weary of who I talk to, she is completely opposite, she talks to anyone, engages with them even if they don’t speak the same language. In a way she’s teaching me not to be afraid of the world around me, to be more open, friendly and kind, She’s a wonderful friend, and a brilliant person. Check out her page on Facebook, Wanderlicious.

Photo By Scott Joseph
Photo By Scott Joseph

Alright I’m done gushing about my teamates, for now dear readers I’ll leave you with some pretty photo’s. We have to pack up our camp and get ready for a long 6 hour drive.

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