Mongol Rally Diaries – Family camping, Yani, and the surprise weddings.

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I hope you all enjoyed the pictures, as always there are more to see on our Facebook page: Nerdventurists. Also to see some more, look at Travelstache and Wanderlicious, those are the pages of my fellow teammates Scott and Maartje.

I hope the pictures did justice for what we saw, to be frank it was seriously one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The drive down was a bit wild, it was very curvy and for a moment Kristina and I both felt a bit car sick, but we took a break, played with some puppies and got something to drink. It was significantly cooler in the mountains than before, which was a huge relief. The heat really takes it out of you when you’re driving.

Our convoy drove towards some camping grounds and when we arrived we were greeted by a lovely family and a friendly guy. It was a million times better than the murder camp grounds we had stayed at the night before. We set up our camp then everyone made a dash for their computers to recharge and of course, connect to the internet. So much for totally leaving computers behind, haha. But lets be honest, with out a least one computer we wouldn’t be able to keep you all updated…and we’d probably be lost somewhere in France or something.

While we were setting up camp we remembered we had some water guns, so like the children we are, we filled them up and an epic gun fight began. Lots of running and screaming, the children who were on the camp also got into it, shyly approaching us with their water guns and giving us a few sprays. Soon enough team Nerdventurists and the camp children were all running around the camp shooting at one another, laughter was abundant.

And this is how Scott met Yani, the little boy of the people who own the camp. Yani is best summed up as a rambunctious little boy who doesn’t let a broken water gun keep him from playing. He locked onto scott and chased him all around, when the gun didn’t shoot water he took to just smacking Scott with the gun, throwing himself at Scott’s legs or trying to punch him. This went on for almost 30 minutes. Finally Yani’s mother had to call him off, but it was amusing none the less to see Scott running around the camp, occasionally being caught and having to try walking with a small child wrapped around his leg.

Maartje and I made a quick run to the store for some supplies, we drove for ages and still couldn’t find it and we didn’t take any phones so we just decided to head back and try to find some of the items on the list in a mini mart. We didn’t find much, and it was a fairly boring trip until Maartje had a dog lunge at her (still in the car) and try biting her. Nothing like a wild dog to wake you up!

Dinner was a lovely carb feast. We had pasta with eggplant and sausage, couscous and bread. Lots of carbs and all of it was delicious! I haven’t spoken too much about our food, but I’ll tell yout his. we’ve made good with the items our sponsors Backpackers , gave us. However, to my own dismay, I can’t eat much of it. When you’ve got as many food allergies as I do you learn to make do with what you’re given. And should you decide to try Backpackers camp food, I highly recommend the corn and Scissilian veggies, mix the lot together, touch of salt and pepper and you have an awesome feast.

A little after dinner clean up

After everything wound down we all bid each other goodnight and went to bed. Before I could sleep though, I found I had a few little things camping in bed with me. A huntsman spider, a few mosquitos ( did I mention that they ravaged my legs?) and other little jumping spiders. After a calm execution I mentioned to Kristina to check her tent before she went to sleep.

Her squawk of horror followed by rampant banging sounds gave me a great deal of amusement before turning in for the night.

Come morning we all took our time getting up, ever since we joined up with this convoy I’ve noticed that not only are we driving a bit slower, but we’re also taking a lot more time to enjoy the road as we drive. What I mean by that is, more pulling over and taking in the world around us. All good things and I’m glad we’re in this convoy.

Before we left the family who owns the camp came to tell us that they had put us up on their web page! The road this time was a bit bumpy as we set off, Kristina took the wheel once more and as always did quite well. The convoy was now Bulgaria bound, and that meant 6 hours of driving, which to be honest, after that 15 hour spree we did, it’s practically nothing.

We had not set off far before we ran into a parade of people walking down the streets cheering and holding colourful scarves, dressed to the nines and every excitable. It was a wedding! Or at least we think it was, there was a woman in a gorgeous white gown and veil, all smiles and happily waving as we drove past.  It wasn’t even a minute later when we ran into another group of people and yet another woman dressed in what looked like a wedding gown. they were so happy and cheerful, it was near infections and of course we hollered and cheered alongside with them.




At the Bulgarian border we had our passports taken and car papers taken away, with a vague gesture we were told to just go wait. It was interesting to see that the port to enter Romania was at a standstill, people just sitting outside of their cars, shielding their eyes from the sun that was once more bearing down with relentless heat. We weren’t there for long, eventually our papers were collected and we left.


Remember when I said there were fields of sunflowers in Serbia and Romania? Well in Bulgaria, it’s an ocean of sunflowers, and it’s simply gorgeous.

Until next time dear readers,


A proud military brat who’s lived all over the place, who decided to uproot herself and move to London to earn her BA in Graphic Design at LCC. She’s only traveled a bit around Europe and her home country, but she’s very keen to travel more and earn more stamps on her passport. She’s a podcaster and graphic designer for The Baker Street Babes which feeds into her love for Sherlock Holmes.

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