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I have been in South Korea for a grand total of five days thus far. So far I have broken every blood vessel in my shoulders hauling my luggage around, combated jet lag, had a health check where I got a bunch of suction cups put on my boobs, and taught my first theater classes to varying degrees of success and dismal failure.

Least to say, it’s been a whirlwind.

The good news is that my colleagues all seem very lovely and quirky. The job is going to be very demanding, but the other teachers all seem wonderful, so that will help things along. Case and point, my predecessor left me flowers and showed me around a lot, and I’ve been taken out twice by one of the homeroom teachers. Last night she took me out for kimchijeon 김치전, aka heaven on a plate.

kimchijeon - Chez Maak - Sinsa - Seoul - The Nerdventurists

It’s kinda like a pancake. Crispy on the outside and sinfully fluffy and soft on the inside. They’re called jeon 전 and there’s many kinds (pajeon 파전 is the most famous, made with spring onion and usually seafood). The place we went, Chez Maak in Sinsa 신사동, is known for their jeon and also their makgeolli 막걸리, a traditional alcoholic beverage made with rice. It’s slightly fizzy and has a milky look to it (but there’s no dairy, hurrah!). We had ours with lemon added, and it was a perfect accompaniment.

Makgeolli at Chez Maak in Sinsa, Seoul, South Korea - The Nerdventurists

Afterwards we had a wander down the famous Garosu-gil Road  가로수길 for some window shopping and got seriously distracted by this sucker.

Line Friends. It’s a thing. Google it. I want it.

Line Friends - Sinsa, Gangnam, Seoul - The Nerdventurists

Everything in Korea is cute. Like, I knew that going to Japan back in the day, but just how adorable so many things in Seoul are in the short time I’ve lived here has made me very very happy.

This weekend is mostly filled with me setting up my apartment. I’ve already done the obligatory Daiso run for (cheap) necessities, and now it’s onwards to HomePlus to see if I can find a bookshelf like thingie that I can carry back to my apartment without embarrassing myself.

A random shot of my neighborhood.

Lots more yet to explore (and write about)! I’m currently stealing internet from the beer and french fries bar downstairs until I get my own, so as long as they don’t catch on, we’re good.

Until then though, toodles!



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