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So it’s not only Disneyland in California that’s haunted… Disney World has quite the fair share of ghostly occurrences itself! What, with five parks, there is a treasure trove of creepy stories, scary specters, and heebie jeebies abound! Tis the season for a good ghost story or two, so here’s a handful from our time at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

You may notice some of the rides here are ALSO haunted at Disneyland… I wonder why that is… MWAHAHAHHAA. It’s time for another edition of Disney Adventures!

Haunted Disney World - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com

In my continuing journey to scare the pants off of Alston, I made sure to tell him about every ride someone had died on during our multi-day adventure at Walt Disney World. He was a good sport about it, but I feel this photo perfectly encapsulates this whole business. Poor dear.

I even went so far as to double check all my haunting stories by making him look them up on his phone. Hey, the only way to get over a fear is to face is straight on, right?


The Happiest Place on Earth Florida Edition has more parks, and thus more supernatural mischief. So where do I find these stories? Well, there’s a few places online that have collections of hauntings from Disney, both told by guests and Cast Members who worked there.

Some I heard from friends who have worked at Disney as well. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s interesting to learn about the hauntings and rumors… never know who may be joining you on your next ride.

So without further ado… here are the hauntings of Walt Disney World (now with extra special video action! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube)!

Tower of Terror

There are a few rides at Disney that just immediately inspire fear and dread… as well as the thrill of falling thirteen stories. The Tower of Terror is aptly named for a multitude of reasons, one of them being because it’s haunted!

A poor Cast Member who worked as a bellhop at the Tower died suddenly one day. He was working on Platform D (there’s four lines, four platforms to load patrons into). Some say he got electrocuted, others say a heart attack. Who knows. What bellhops at the ride DO know however is that their passed on colleague still haunts the ride.

Haunted Disney World - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com

Every night after the park closes, the bellhops have to ride the ride to make sure everything is in order. A, B, and C are done first and then everyone gets on D because it’s haunted. In addition to appearances by the ghoulish bellhop, Cast Members have said things around the ride have been moved or misplaced randomly. Aaaaaack.

Whether it’s doctored or real, this video shoes a ghastly figure around the :26 second mark and the 1:23 mark. Could one of these spirits be the bellhop? Thought honestly, watch the video for how few fucks this maintenance guy gives as he’s dropped over and over again.

He’s just doing his job.

The Haunted Mansion

Ah yes, The Haunted Mansion. It’s haunted in Disneyland and it’s also haunted in Orlando. It’s probably a requirement that The Haunted Mansion is in fact haunted in all Disney parks over the world.

However in addition to having ton of ashes sprinkled on this ride (parents claiming their children loved it to much and that’s where they should be laid to rest), there’s one particularly creepy ghost story I came across that features the Walt Disney World version of the attraction.

Story goes that a woman finds out her fiancee is just in it to marry her for her money and was cheating on her. They’d been big fans of the Haunted Mansion ride as it had just opened, so she downs two bottles of pills and a handle of Jack and dies on the ride in despair. Her spirit lingers there still, occasionally showing up as the bride in the attraction, except she’s covered in blood… which the bride in the actual ride is decidedly not.

Now this story isn’t incredibly widespread and only a handful of people admit of hearing about it or experiencing it, mostly patrons. But it’s definitely super creepy and I took a good hard look at the bride in the ride as we went by her… just in case.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The haunting of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Walt Disney World is pretty infamous. The story goes that a technician by the name of George was working on the ride before it opened to the public and suffered an untimely death when a boat came crashing down on the the drops, hitting him and killing him.

Ever since then he’s haunted the ride and rumor has it he’s responsible for a few hiccups and malfunctions. You see, Cast Members have to say “Good morning, George” and “Good night, George” to their resident ghost or things will start going wrong. You don’t want to anger the spirit when there’s thousands of guests around, now do you?

There are some different versions to the tale, some saying he either fell to his death while working at the top of one of the Tortuga scenes or had a heavy beam fall on him during construction rather than being hit by a boat. But the fact is, in 1970, a man named George died while working on the attraction.

Haunted Disney World - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com
Oh sure, we’re smiling now… but George could be lurking around the corner…

Now, many Cast Members have admitted that they speak about George and some have even said they’ve seen the ghost themselves. A few have experienced a strange tapping on their shoulder and relayed that if they don’t address George, things do indeed go wrong. One Cast Member claimed they only say good night to the ghost, not good morning… which seems a bit rude. I mean, if I was a ghost I’d like to be greeted both ways, thank you very much.

Mission: Space

Haunted Disney World - The Nerdventurists - www.nerdventurists.com

Epcot is not the park where you’d expect there to be any major accidents. It’s mostly educational and internationally culture based, however it’s gotten a few pretty intense rides these days. One of those is Mission: Space, which literally puts you through the ringer with a rocket launch simulation. I’m not gonna lie… I felt like I was going to die on this ride. Tons of people have been treated for chest pain because of how intense the centrifugal force is to simulate twice the pull of gravity; you kinda feel like you’re being crushed to death.

In 2005 a four-year-old boy passed out on the ride and later died at the hospital. Since then cold spots have been felt in the attraction, Cast Members believing it to be the ghost of the little boy.

Despite this, it’s one of Disney’s most popular rides (seriously we waited over two hours to get in)… and also the one with the most hospital visits. Ride with caution.

Honorable Mentions

Other hauntings around the parks are plentiful, and of course, many include creepy little children.

Spaceship Earth, aka the ride that is inside the giant golf ball that is Epcot, is apparently host to the ghosts of a little girl and boy who are sometimes seen riding in the cars as well as playing out in front of the line.

Just like the spirit of Walt Disney is said to haunt Disneyland, Roy Disney has reportedly been seen on Main Street USA, having a grand old time and smiling.

Your eyes may play tricks on you and you may feel a chill on Tom Sawyer Island. Cast Members and guests alike have reported seeing shadowy figures and getting weird feelings at the otherwise tame attraction.


So what do you think? How haunted is Disney World for you now? Are you never going to go on any of these rides again? Or are you more convinced than ever that the Happiest Place of Earth (Florida Redux) is actually just a happy hunting ground for the supernatural?

Maybe you’ll see a ghost some day. They could be riding next to you.

This is meant in no way to be disrespectful of the people who have died at Disney. RIP.

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Photos by Noriko Sugiura.

Kristina is an ardent traveler and has been to over 48 countries and has no plans to stop. She taught English in a small fishing city in Japan for a year, volunteered on an archaeological dig on an Iron Age site in Israel, drove 10,000 miles in a 1994 Corsa from London to Ulaanbataar for charity, and accidentally fell in love with K-pop in Seoul. It’s been a wild ride.
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    I gotta say, although Disney World/Land has been underwhelming for me in the past, a self-guided haunted rides tour would certainly push it more in my direction. Honestly, if there was some sort of permanently Halloween-themed rollercoaster park I’d go live there. The story about the ride operator permanently haunting the Tower Of Terror makes me kind of sad, because he’s pretty much stuck at work for all eternity, but the video of the maintenance guy made my day. I’m still giggling. He’s SO over it.

    1. Reply

      I think I lost it when he got so disgruntled losing his hat. One of those “NOT AGAIN!” moments, hahaha. But you’re right, that poor guy IS stuck at work forever D:, that’s rather grim. I agree with you on wanting a Halloween themed park. That’d be amazing.

  2. I love this!! I am obsessed with haunted ghost stories and have been to both Disney World and Disneyland. Having been on all of these rides this was fascinating to read! Creeptastic 🙂 P.S. My husband used to work at Disney World and it is not what people expect behind the scenes, I have heard many crazy stories about cast members!

  3. Reply

    This is brilliant! And, such fun!! I can’t wait to visit Disney now with this new perspective.

  4. Reply

    Oo I love this, really fun post! 🙂 That Haunted Mansion story sounds especially creepy!!

  5. Reply

    OMG, I’d be too scared to even try riding some of these sans the ghost stories! Though I am sure Disney wouldn’t want to add the scary element (or the real ghost stories) as part of the attraction, though!

    • Soraya @ Hello Raya
    • October 13, 2016

    Oh my goodness, how freaky! Definitely another take on Disney World…hearing about the ghost stories and those who have sadly passed away. I’ve never been to Disney World, but would love to one day!

  6. Reply

    I never thought there’s freaky things going in Disney.. hehehe but, I love it! I would love to do it one day, i find it more enticing 🙂

  7. Reply

    Wooh! I love mystery and ghost stories. I would have found out and read about all these things too, just like you:) Have never been to Disneyland but now I would be even more excited to go there!

    1. Reply

      Oh good! Now you can share these creepy facts with whoever goes with you your first time!

  8. Reply

    Oh my god I don’t know how I would go with this! Iget seriously scared so easily! Being there when the park is closed would be creepy enough for me without the added things like ghosts! I’ll stick to Mickey mouse and the light shows hahaha

    1. Reply

      Hehehe, ghost stories and hauntings definitely aren’t for everyone. I get scared pretty easily too tbh, I freaked myself out writing this!

  9. Reply

    This is so interesting! It’s like the dark side of Disney. Lol! This makes me want to visit this Halloween season!

    1. Reply

      Disney during Halloween is a LOT of fun! This just adds an additional creepy element hahaha.

  10. Reply

    These stories are pretty freaky! Awesome post, just in time for Halloween! I’m glad I visited Disney World in January before reading this – and that I survived!

    1. Reply

      Ha! Thanks so much. Perfect time for a ghost story I feel, hehe. Hope you had a wonderful trip!

  11. Reply

    OMG!. I am reminded of my visit to the Paris one… didn’t like it one bit and my kids were with me enjoying the episodes there. 🙂 Later I felt a bit silly though.
    I wouldn’t want to meet the spirit of the woman ever!!!

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    • neha
    • July 19, 2017

    This is really interesting. I never thought of segregating the disney adventures into “haunted” and going on a trail for the same. I guess it would be really interesting to go through all the haunted things on offer at disneyland in a row!

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