Traveling to Mongolia? 5 Things You Need to Know

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Mongolia is a country which might surprise you. If you’re planning to take a holiday there in the coming weeks or months, here are five things you’ll need to know about the Asian nation before you travel.

Photo: Scott Joseph, Travelstache, The Mongol Rally

1. The Language

A lot of people wrongfully believe people in Mongolia speak Chinese as a first language – a myth perhaps perpetuated by a confusion which leads many to believe it’s a province of China and not a sovereign nation.

Things aren’t helped by the fact there actually is a province in China called “Inner Mongolia”. Easy to see why people were finding themselves in a fuddle.

The language itself is ironically closer to Arabic than Chinese, so you certainly won’t be able to get by even if you’re an expert at Mandarin.

2. Mongolians can make do with very little

We’ve become a touch spoiled as a global society, with it all too easy to forget just how far we’ve come in a relatively short space of time.

While you’re more than likely used to basic amenities which you take for granted, a trip to Mongolia will highlight just how fortunate you actually are.

A particular example of this comes in the form of the lack of roads you’ll find laid out across the country. Instead of tarmacked streets, you’ll instead find dirt roadways which make getting about something of a challenge.

Photo: Scott Joseph, Travelstache, The Mongol Rally

3. The real excitement isn’t in the big cities

It’s oft the case when travelling to foreign shores that the most popular points of interest come located in some major city. In the case of Mongolia, the exact opposite is in fact true.

Ulaan Baator is the only habitation of any significance in the country, but it’s extremely unimpressive and smog-laden.

The actual treat for holidaymakers comes in the form of the natural scenery and picturesque views which you’ll find strewn across the rest of the nation.

4. History

Remember Genghis Khan? Well okay, you won’t “remember” him (he was long before any of our times), but you’ve probably heard of the tyrannical ruler who rampaged his way across Asia.

While most of the world cowered in fear at the might of the Mongol Empire, it’s perhaps unsurprising that in his native country the man is revered as something of a legendary figure.

His methods may have been barbaric and at times even inhumane, but as the founding father of an entire nation it’s not hard to see why he’s held in such high regard.

Traveling to Mongolia? 5 Things You Need to Know - The Nerdventurists -
Photo: Scott Joseph, Travelstache, The Mongol Rally

5. It’s blooming cold

Temperatures in Mongolia have been known to fall to as low as -40 degrees Celsius – yes, you read that correctly – so it’s sufficed to say you’ll need to be someone who has no issue with extreme conditions.

At times it’s quite literally too cold to even snow (which we didn’t even know was physically possible). Sufficed to say, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for your own “cold” conditions after a trip there.

Learnt something new and wondrous about Mongolia? We certainly hope so. Remember to bear these factors in mind when you take a trip there in the future.

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  1. Reply

    I’d love to visit Mongolia, but I’m a little afraid it’s too cold for me to have a good time. Experiencing -40 degrees Celsius isn’t something to look forward to. Perhaps July-August would be the best time to get there, what would you think?

  2. Reply

    Oh wow, I had no idea Mongolia was that cold!! When is the best time to visit in order to not freeze? The photo you have of the country makes it look beautiful, but those are some seriously freezing temps!

    • Shane
    • January 27, 2017

    I am very intrigued by the country of Mongolia! The natural beauty is astounding. I had no idea it got so cold, but would be worth it for the experience!

  3. Reply

    I did not know Mongolia was that cold and I am someone who is not used to such temperatures. We all definitely know Genghis Khan. He was a prominent figure in all our textbooks. I wish we could also live with very little.

  4. Reply

    Such a cool introduction to Mongolia! Especially surprising was the fact that their language sounds closer to Arabic than Mandarin, I must investigate this for sure. Nevertheless, I am sure it’s a fascinating and would love to visit someday 🙂

  5. Reply

    Very beautiful scenery, but so cold! I also read that they have a very special food. Especially if you visit the nomads.

  6. Reply

    Mongolia has always fascinated me. The wild landscapes, the people are all so intriguing and mystical. The animals of Mongolia are another fascinating aspect. Would love to Visit Mongolia which is so close to nature someday.

  7. Reply

    Mongolia sounds amazing. I’m all for natural beauty. The cold would scare me though. I don’t do anything below zero. Ever! Lol

  8. Reply

    I have been meaning to go to Mongolia as it is rich in history and beautiful sceneries. Also, I am trying to tick off all the Asian countries where I can go visa-free and Mongolia is on the list. Thanks for the informaitve post. I would be one of those who would thought Mongolians speak Chinese!

    • Dane
    • February 11, 2017

    A friend of mine went there a few years ago and came back with the most amazing photos and I’d wanted to go there ever since. I had no idea it got that cold there though! I also had no idea about the camels! I love camels! They are kind of gross but I think they are pretty cute also!

  9. Reply

    Funny, I used to use the same Blog theme as this! – Sela?! It looks fab! Love seeing how you have created yours differently using the same theme! Thanks for your great tips! I always believed Mongolians spoke Chinese! This surprises me the language is similar to Arabic – usually this is the case in countries with Muslim influence. I can’t agree enough – the natural beauty of Mongolia sounds breathtaking. Sounds like an incredible trip!
    Kristie (you.theworld.wandering)

    • neha
    • April 6, 2017

    I have always wondered how Mongolia is. But never stumbled an article on it until today. These are wonderful tips to know if we are planning a trip to Mongolia. I always thought of it as a part of China.

  10. Reply

    Great tips to help visitors in Mangolia. Actually, some of these apply to anywhere you travel. Like for me, the attraction never lies in the big cities. You have got to explore the smaller towns and the countryside.

  11. Reply

    I’ve been dying to visit Mongolia for a while now! When’s the best time to go?

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