Vineworks: Pairing Wine With People in Seoul

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Wine is language on the lips…

~ Virginia Wolf

That’s the tagline for Vineworks, an interactive wine tasting company and, frankly, lifestyle, owned and operated by Ian Ashworth in the trendy area of Hongdae. It’s more than learning about wine pairings; it’s about pairing wine with people, it’s about stories and homemade recipes, and it’s about the company you keep as well as the wine you drink.

Friend of The Nerdventurists, Matthew, headed to one of Vineworks’ weekly nights to not only becomeย a wine aficionado and an obsessor of Ian’s quiche.

Wine? Quiche? Vegan food? Who can say no to that? Not this rotund Hawaiian-Filipino dude!

A few Wednesdays ago I went to an event hosted by Vineworks of Korea to promote their new location and business. It was a splendid night with amazing people, flowing conversation, and didactic yet delicious lesson in the wine-y arts.

Vineworks prides themselves on being a connection driven company. Their aim is to break barriers using the power of conversation and wine (the best of the social lubricants). They pride themselves on connecting wine, the senses, and people. They love building communities and exploring culture in a fun interactive way; everyย delicious dish had a story behind it. The ambiance of the venue reminded me of a simple kitchen where you can talk to your grandma. And basically, that is what is was! Except… replace your grandma with a lanky gentleman named Ian.

Ian brimmed with the exuberance of child on show-and-tell day. He was so eager to share with us stories of wine, food, and bad Korean puns (all of which I have really enjoyed.) He shared the story of his grandmotherโ€™s quiche as he served it out with just as much care as my grandmother would. How he walked the line of childish wonder and excitement and encyclopedic storytelling of a wise old woman was a real testament to his charisma.

We started the night staring with a spread of cheese, garlic shrimp, quiche, and 4 glasses of wine. Each had a personal connection with him and it was truly endearing to see him go on and on about his passions. He also introduced us to the idea of Bio-Organic Wine.

To preface this, I have no real experience in wine besides the two-buck chuck I use to make sangria and the box of rose that sat on the top of my fridge for 3 years in college. So this was an experience that was long overdue. We learned a bit about notes, and how not to be snobby at restaurants. He was saying that the best wine is a wine that you enjoy, and I will enjoy many more bottles in years to come.

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A friend of The Nerdventurists had an enchanting evening at @vineworkskorea last night. Wine tasting ๐Ÿท, vegetarian food ๐ŸŒฎ, and great #blogger company ๐Ÿ’ƒ. Write up coming soon~, but if you're looking so somewhere to get your wine on in Seoul, look no further! Huge thanks to Hallie @thesoulofseoulblog and Ian for setting this up! . . . . . #vineworks #Vineworkskorea #wine #winetasting #Sangsu #์ƒ์ˆ˜ #์™€์ธ #์™€์ธ๋ชจ์ž„ #์™€์ธ์Šคํƒ€๊ทธ๋žจ #winstagram #wineporn #frenchfriday #spanishtuesday #veggiewednesday #networking #rooftop #gardening #urbanfarming #privateparty #travelwithme #passporttoasia #seetheworld #eattheworld #drinktheworld #vegetariansofig #vegetarian #vscoseoul #veganseoul

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The night devolved into a cacophony of tangential stories, laughter and sounds of me scarfing down quiche. (Seriously, my life was all about the quiche). Somewhere down the lines, we played a fragrance game, which my partner and I won with a whopping 7 out of 9, but was also too tipsy to care.

All of the events sound extraordinarily enticing. Tuesdays are a tour of Spanish wine. Wednesdays, we can explore Bio-Organic and Vegetarian wines. Special events were splashed into the conversation and I am more than eager to check them out.

At the end of the night, we capped it off with a fun activity of describing the wine in terms of animals. I was happy to indulge him with my weird imaginations of a Veneto relating to a fluffy penguin, though it could have been the wine talking.

It was a night to remember and I felt connected to each of the guests there. It was a grand night and I will definitely come back in the near future. You can see their upcoming events here, on their website.

Vineworks Korea

Location: Mapo-gu Sangsu-dong 315-7 4th-5th floor, Seoul, 110-825 |ย ์„œ์šธํŠน๋ณ„์‹œ ๋งˆํฌ๊ตฌ ์ƒ์ˆ˜๋™ 315-7


Phone: +82 (0)70-4206-9993


Social: Facebook |ย Naver



This post was written in exchange for the evening’s tasting and food, but all opinions and thoughts are our own.


Matthew lives and teaches in Seoul, plays the ukulele, and takes photos of empty plates. You can follow him on Instagram at @mr.mattinthehat.

A nerdy girl ๐Ÿคท, her dog ๐Ÿถ, & her friends ๐Ÿ‘ญ traveling the world. Travel. Lifestyle. Beauty. Video Games ๐ŸŽฎ. #TravelNerdy ๐Ÿค“ & Explore ๐ŸŒ.
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    This sounds like such a fun event! Add to that the fact that I love enjoying food and wine (and who doesn’t?) and good humor, this sounds like a lovely way to spend some time. It sounds like the host really made the event though, in successfully engaging a room full of strangers around a common interest – and of course providing quality food and wine. This is something I would love to attend in Seoul.

  2. Reply

    Okay, I am drooling now! The food, the wine, the stories all sound amazing. I would love to experience an event like this.

  3. Reply

    Sounds very creative and unusual, I bet the laughter flowed on the night! Lovely to have so much tempting food too, Ian sounds like quite a character. I think quite a lot of quiche was eaten haha!

  4. Tuesdays sound great – Spanish wine events! I agree a good wine is one that you enjoy – love that! I’d love to check out these events!
    Kristie – you.theworld.wandering

  5. Reply

    What a great event! I love wine and wine tasting is one of my favorite things to do. All the food looks amazing!

  6. Reply

    This looks like so much fun, and the food looks delicious! I love trying new things and meeting new people so this would be the perfect experience. If I ever make it to Korea, I’ll have to check it out. Safe & Happy Travels – Cheryl

  7. Reply

    Ian definitely sounds wonderful and looks like you had a great evening with great wine and great food. After hear you talking about his grandmother’s quiche, I am tempted to try it. I am not a wine aficionado myself and I have no clue what you meant by notes. Need to google that.

  8. Reply

    What a wonderful spread. it sounds so tempting. Although I don’t drink wine, I would not mind the complementary spread here!! The event sounds wonderful

  9. Reply

    This sounds super unique and interesting. I have a friend who is literally a wine expert, he can taste wine and tell me what it is and where it comes from (even to the state), he would love this! I will pass this post onto him. ‘How not to be snobby in a restaurant’ – hilarious! ha

  10. I’ve replaced my drinking of beer to wine and I think I’m loving it so far. I enjoy reading your article. It gives it the class it needs and indeed a language on the lips. Nice one!

  11. Reply

    True That, the best Wine , is the Wine you enjoy. Love the concept of Vineworks of breaking the barrier by having conversations over a glass of wine. The event sounds like a fun thing .

  12. Reply

    Good food, wine, and bonding with friends – sounds perfect! I would definitely be eager to join this kind of event. There are a lot of wine tasting and tours but they just serve cheese and crackers only. This event was interesting. I am sure that there are more people who would want to experience this too.

  13. Reply

    Wow! I didn’t know there’s good wine in Seoul!
    I’ll add it to my bucket list when visiting it!

    Cheers from Argentina ๐Ÿ™‚

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