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When looking for new and interesting activities to do in Seoul, one usually thinks of cafe hopping or checking out a new exhibition. You wouldn’t immediately think of a screen printing class. Yet, when I saw an advertisement in an expat women’s group for just that, my creativity senses were tingling. And thus I signed up for not one, but two screen printing classes with Mini Print Seoul!

Mini Print is run by Sam and Albert in Seongsu, Seoul. They offer services in both English and Korean, and and are All about the screen printing life.

What is 미니 Print?

Alternative zine publishing and silkscreen printing press in Seoul. We strive to give a platform to artists, writers, poets, and photographers who work in within the medium of print.

Mini Print는 서울에 있는 독립 출판/인쇄소 입니다. Zine 출판과 스크린 인쇄를 통해 예술가, 작가, 시인, 사진가에게 플랫폼을 제공하기 위해 노력하고 있습니다.

In addition to their studio and printing business, the folks at Mini Print also run creative coping classes for those looking for a creative way in dealing with trauma. They also host film nights in their gallery, and regular classes. Basically, they’re awesome.

Screen Printing Class

The first class I signed up for, and dragged my friend Tamar (of Hwacheon ice festival fame) to, was a basic introduction to screen printing where we got to print our own cards. From the beginning Sam and Albert were patient and gracious and excited to be sharing their craft. It was hard not to just fall in love with the whole process immediately (spoiler alert: I did).

They started off showing us around the studio and gallery, explaining what screen printing was and what we’d be doing. Afterwards it was time to learn how screens were actually made, Sam and Albert both demonstrating and explaining with clarity and enthusiasm. You could really tell they love what they do; it was infectious.

Screen Printing in Seoul With Mini Print - The Nerdventurists -

After learning about making and exposing screens, it was time for chemicals and washing and all that fun stuff. The studio may be small, but it makes the lessons all the more intimate. You really feel like they’re welcoming you into their world instead of just seeing it as a class. They’re both happy to answer any questions you may have and explain things in layman’s terms if you’re not particularly art-term savvy.

Screen Printing in Seoul With Mini Print - The Nerdventurists -

Once the screens were explained and prepped, it was time to actually get printing! Tamar and I took like it like ducks to water thankfully. The process isn’t particularly difficult in theory, but it’s all about the angles and pressure. Sam guided us with her years of expertise and not long after we had our very first screen printed cards!

Screen Printing in Seoul With Mini Print - The Nerdventurists -

Because of a cancellation, Tamar and I were actually the only two in the class. We got a lot of individualized attention as well as got to print even more cards. I still have a few left over because I’m so unwilling to part with them. After printing, you let the cards dry and then score them to make them fold (okay, I was AWFUL at this), and then they’re yours!

Screen Printing in Seoul With Mini Print - The Nerdventurists -

I really couldn’t recommend attending a class at Mini Print enough. It was such a fun and unique activity, and it introduced me to the world of screen printing. Sadly, I’m leaving Korea soon, so I wasn’t able to sign up for their intensive class, but I *did* sign up for their next one, which you can read about below!

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Had a WONDERFUL time today at @miniprintseoul learning how to #screenprint! Sam and Albert were great teachers and just really enthusiastic about sharing their craft and encouraging others to get involved in art. My friend @tazigo and I each made ten cards. One for #LunarNewYear and one for #ValentinesDay. Not too shabby for a first try! 💁 If you are in #Seoul, check out their studio and art gallery in #Seongsu. They host weekly classes and art therapy sessions and are just A+ people! . . . #screenprinting #makeart #myseoul #seouladdicts #iseoulu #ig_seoul #ig_korea #성수 #스크린인쇄 #그림스타그램 #데일리룩 #스타일그램 #토요일 #일상스냅 #수고했어 #travelasia #passporttoasia #imagineyourkorea #visit_seoul #shewhowanders #sheexplores #sheisnotlost #travelwithme

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So one class was not enough.

My next go was at monoprinting, which involves painting directly onto a screen and then printing it with a clear base. I have always wanted to learn how to paint, but I’ve never been much good at it. However, Sam and Albert were super encouraging and allowed us all to experiment while also guiding us in the right direction to get the best print possible.

Because we knew the basics of screen printing now, they could concentrate on teaching us new techniques and letting us have a bit more creative freedom. I really enjoyed this class, perhaps even more than the first one! I was creating something that was all me, even though we were still using stencils haha. Also, as a flower lover, I was having a blast with the options we had to work with.

Using watercolors, we painted directly onto the screens. Once dry, we used a clear base to print, and voila! This was the favorite one I managed.

Screen Printing in Seoul With Mini Print - The Nerdventurists -

Monoprinting definitely takes longer, and we were taking our time with painting. We actually ended up working over time, but while Sam had somewhere to go, Albert was willing to let us continue to use the studio and finish up. It just goes to show that those are the amazing sort of people and artists they are.

By the end of the day, I had a number of prints I was really proud of and happy with. I can’t wait to get them framed and keep experimenting!

Screen Printing in Seoul With Mini Print - The Nerdventurists -

If you’re in Seoul and are looking to get creative, do check out Mini Print. They’re wonderful people, are so attentive and really want to help you create things.

You can find Mini Print Seoul online at, on Instagram, and Facebook.

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