The Cutest Little Pie Shop In Seoul: Caffe Pie

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Seoul is home to many dessert cafes. An astronomical amount actually. But there has been one dessert in particular that is always impossible to find… pie. So imagine my surprise when wandering around my temporary adoptive neighborhood of Daechi when I stumbled upon a pie shop and cafe. Actual pie. Apple pie, people. APPLE. PIE. Introducing Caffe Pie.

The Cutest Little Pie Shop in Seoul: Caffe Pie - The Nerdventurists -

Just a stone’s throw away from Hanti Station is Caffe Pie, a precious little cafe that serves up home baked pies, tea, coffee, ades, cake, etc. There’s everything typical of any other cafe in Seoul, but it’s the pie that is well and truly on display. There are five types to choose from: peach, (cream)cheese, pecan, blueberry, and apple. The blueberry and apple sell out fast in the morning and early afternoon, but each and every slice is delicious.

You won’t be getting any deep dish pies here, this is still Korea and these are clearly baked in tart pans, but the crust is legit. Especially on the apple.

The Cutest Little Pie Shop in Seoul: Caffe Pie - The Nerdventurists -

With everything served on dainty and pretty porcelain, it’s hard not to immediately fall in love with this place. Owned by a truly adorable gentleman who will chat a bit with you in English, Caffe Pie is well and truly a neighborhood joint. It’s filled to the brim with Daechi Moms gossiping with one another, young professionals having meets over pieces of peach pie and Americanos, and the occasional college student and wayward Waygookin blogger parked in the corner with their laptop and obsessively photographing the tea cup her grapefruit tea came in.

The Cutest Little Pie Shop in Seoul: Caffe Pie - The Nerdventurists -

Prices are pretty reasonable, and having tasted the whole menu sans blueberry (it was never there ;___;), I can safely say they’re all delicious. The apple is by far the best, with a flaky top crust and buttery base with a pretty tasty filling. I was also partial to the peach myself. If you sit in, you can choose to have your tea in a tea cup and pot, and the mugs for coffees are pretty cute as well.

The Cutest Little Pie Shop in Seoul: Caffe Pie - The Nerdventurists -

Caffe Pie is the cutest little pie shop in Seoul without a doubt. It’s chill, lovely to just sit in, friendly, and the pies on offer will satisfy your pie cravings. They freshly bake the pies every day and you can order pies to go and for events as well. The menu is all in Korean and handwritten, but the owner speaks a bit of English and you can muddle your way by just pointing as the pies are displayed.

The Cutest Little Pie Shop in Seoul: Caffe Pie - The Nerdventurists -

Where To Find…

Caffe Pie is on Instagram and Facebook. and is open every day from 9AM-11PM.

Subway: Hanti (Bundang Line), Exit 1 or 2

Address: 29 Seonleung-Ro 62-gil,  Gangnam-gu | 선릉로 62길 29 | Behind the Lotte Department Store

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