Stranger Things Pop-Up in Seoul

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Something strange is in Seoul. Recently, Netflix has opened up a limited time Stranger Things pop-up in Hongdae in celebration of the upcoming season. The run time is pretty short, as most pop-ups are, so of course I had to get there on the first day. Just a short walk from exit one of Hongdae station, I arrived around 7PM with my friends, and it was already pretty full. Thankfully, as this pop-up is an experience and not just a store, there was plenty to look at and photograph outside.

First, you need to jump over to this fun little machine and put in your Korean phone number. When you do, you’ll get a confirmation message on Kakao with your number. At the time to enter, you’ll also get a Kakao message that you just show the man at the door. Meanwhile, I definitely recommend taking photos of as much as possible outside, and make sure your lovely face is included in at least one. This comes in handy when you get inside.

How It Works

While some of the staff inside speak English, not all do, and the instructions are unfortunately all in Korea. The goal is to figure out the clues and then post photos of these things on Instagram with the special hashtags listed. Then, any staff member can check your post and give you your stamps! You need Eleven stamps total in order to get a prize, and trust me, you want these prizes. The first place prize is the Lego set and the second place prize is a special pair of Stranger Things Nikes.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll be standing in front of a recreation of the Byers’ living room, blinking Christmas lights and all. This is a photo spot so you may have a bit of a wait, but it’s worth it. From there, you slide through to the prize area/arcade. All the arcade games are playable!  There’s also a free photo booth next to the prizes. The first floor is pretty small, but make sure not to rush through it. There are 4 clues you need on this floor.

The second floor consists of one room that is a photo zone, and again is needed for your quest for Stranger Things goodies. After snapping a few shots, head up to the third floor where you’ll find a short AR game, the blanket fort, an art room and the snowball room. The snowball room is where you go when you’ve received all your stamps. There is a small balcony where you can rest for a bit in order to post all your photos.

Get Your Prizes

Any staff member can give you the stamps, and you don’t have to get a particular stamp. My friend, for instance, had a bunch of Stranger Things logo stamps and mine were all waffles. On the balcony, after getting your stamps, be sure to ask nicely for your free waffle. Then, head to the snowball room to get your final stamp showing completion, and draw your prize ticket.

I got a “Dustin Keychain” and my friend got… a face mask. (whomp whomp whomp) Head back down to the first floor to retrieve your prize and then head outside for your final free treat, some delicious Strawberry ice cream! (You don’t get a choice. You get the one flavor and you will appreciate it darn it!)

Stranger Things Escape Room

In the basement there is also an escape room, however this must be reserved in advance online and my group didn’t know this. I will be going back in a few days to try that out, and will make sure to update this post or write another one about that fun experience.

Be sure to get out to this while you can as it runs only from June 20th until July 7th. The weekday hours are 14:00 to 22:00 and the weekend hours run from 12:00 to 22:00. Expect the weekend lines to be long, bring your portable fans, portable batteries and make sure you look totally bitchin’ for all the photos you’ll need to take! If you can’t figure out your missions, head on over to my Instagram @LunarBunnyRen for a few hints.

“Strange Story” Seoul Pop-Up
189, Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu
Seoul, South Korea

Ren is a university student studying in South Korea. She enjoys blogging about life in Korea as a student, as well as K-beauty. Her favorite things include finding the most aesthetic cafes, the best PC rooms to play in, and wandering the streets in search of hidden surprises.
    • Vino
    • June 27, 2019

    Hey is there a place to make a booking for the escape room?

    1. Reply

      It was a very short lived thing unfortunately.

    • Robin Fisher
    • July 4, 2019

    Thanks for your post!! I read several trying to get more info. Yours was by far the BEST!! Were you able to go to the escape room? Was it in English or Korean? How do you make reservations?

      • Ren
      • October 17, 2019

      Hi! Thank you so much, that means a ton! Unfortunately the escape room was booked up fully 2 weeks before the popup had even been announced!

    • Yuna
    • July 7, 2019

    Thanks for your post. I’m korean and a huge fan of stranger things. However, i couldn’t check it out in person because of the endless travel time to get there. It’s the last day to run the pop up. So sad.. but anyway at least i could imagine and enjoy a bit through your post. Thanks! Hope you are having fun in Korea 🙂

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