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Making Korean Rice Cakes With Trazy

Creating Korean Rice Cake With Trazy - The Nerdventurists -

For those who read my last post about making your own flower fragrant wax tablets and for those who actually read the bio that followed, you may recall that I like meat. That may tell you that I have a certain affinity towards food and things too adorable for words.ย So when our good friend, […]

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The Cutest Little Pie Shop In Seoul: Caffe Pie

The Cutest Little Pie Shop in Seoul: Caffe Pie - The Nerdventurists -

Seoul is home to many dessert cafes. An astronomical amount actually. But there has been one dessert in particular that is always impossible to find… pie. So imagine my surprise when wandering around my temporary adoptive neighborhood of Daechi when I stumbled upon a pie shop and cafe. Actual pie. Apple pie, people. APPLE. PIE. […]

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